"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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i understood gravity
the day i met you
the promise of your touch could move planets,
and tear stars asunder,
how could my feeble flesh resist?
when i discovered flecks of gold
in your bright brown eyes
i was done for. my heart quickened for you
that first time
and it has not stopped since.

i could live inside your laugh,
hear the sound a million times over
and never tire of it.
i could watch you talk for hours
and revere every move your lips make—
i will listen to you
even as you cease listening to yourself.

i gripped your hands when the tremors began
and your eyes no longer seemed
your own, i soothed your aching limbs
when the strain was too great.
do not thank me for it—
you held the weight of the world
and i held you.

you have places to go
futures to seek
i will not stand in your path, no,
i will disappear if i must.
but know this:
i have roamed the cosmos
soaring heavens and blazing galaxies,
and yet
i have no destination
but you.

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Either this family has no idea how green screen souvenir photos work or they know EXACTLY how they work.
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so i'm rewatching faking it and in the second episode when karma and liam are hooking up in his car the song "sensual" is playing in the background and that's the song that's playing during the threesome when amy drops her trench coat. i thought those parallels were really cool

Ha interesting!!


K: Amy, do you have feelings for me?
A: What? No.

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I love you too, Amy, more than anyone else on earth…just not like that.

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She is amazing and beautiful and a wonderful kid :B she is kinda blind tough, gotta fix that because she has to see what's in front of the mirror and realize how awesome she is.

I know who this is!! The :B face have it away!!