The best part of the video may be when Jackson addresses the comments she’s heard about her daughter and sets the record straight about statements like you “wanted a girl so you turned your child into one” and “kids have no idea what they want or who they are — my kids wants to be a dog, should I let him?”

So watch the full video to see her answers to those difficult questions here.

I kissed my best friend Karma, and now nothing makes sense.

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Hi there, this a very unconventional post on here, so I apologize. However, you may or may not have seen/heard of the new MTV sitcom “Faking It”. I know what you’re thinking, this show is about girls faking being lesbians for popularity, giving awareness to the incorrect idea that being gay is a trend, and I’m with you! The initial concept for the show seemed offensive and problematic.
However, I challenge you to look closer! This show is ground breaking on so many levels. This show was created by a gay man who understands the reality and struggles of the LGBT community. He accurately expresses what it’s like to be trapped in the closet, outed, in love with your best friend, and many other common themes for people questioning and working towards understanding who they and what their sexual orientation is or isn’t. In addition, they consistently challenge conventional stereotypes, create well-rounded characters, and most importantly show sexuality as more than just straight or gay.
Yet, the beauty and truly defining factor in my opinion, is HOW the content is being delivered. IT’S A COMEDY! An amazing and effective way to talk about massive issues like the LGBT community, is through humor. Humor makes these topics seem approachable and create an avenue for conversation. In order to continue to gain rights and social acceptance, this is the kind of representation that is necessary. 
However, in order to get this representation, we need people to watch the show. The ratings haven’t been high enough in order to get renewed, so we need to get people on board. I encourage you to give Faking It a chance, I promise you that it is relatable, it is witty, and it is time for a show like this to be seen and talked about. 
Sorry for the essay, I just think it’s super important to get this representation out there!

BINGE IT NOW ON THE MTV WEBSITE! S2 Premieres Sept 23rd! 


"It’s complicated"

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Rita and Katie in tears seeing their billboard for the first time!

(katie reacts to rita’s explanation of why it is nice to kiss her lips) 

K: Mine was so much better! I’m let down a little
R: Why? they look gorgeous

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